Doggy's Catty's (dog's & cat's food) | Choueifat, Aley

Choueifat, Aley
165,000 LBP
Posted on March 24, 2021 - 4 months ago - Aley Mount Lebanon
165,000 LBP
Mount Lebanon

Doggy's Catty's (dog's & cat's food) | Choueifat, Aley

Pregnant & Nursing Dogs
This product is ideal for pregnant & nursing dogs. It contains higher protein & fat which provides energy & healthy growth of bones.

Adult Dogs
This product is for dog maintenance with no health existing issues. It is ideal for large dogs with a maturity age above 1.5 years for small dogs with a maturity age above 8 months.

High Protein
This product is for working dogs and pets that are experiencing growth problems. It contains high protein and fat percentage (fatty acids) providing energy to compensate for the high levels of nutrients burned by working dogs.

Catty's Kitties
This product is ideal for kittens and contains a powerful combination of antioxidants to promote a healthy immune system and fatty acids to support healthy functions of nervous and immune systems while also promoting healthy skin and a shining coat.

Catty's Adult
This product is specially formulated to supply your cat with the protein needed to thrive and provides complete and balanced nutrition.
It is also rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help maintain a healthy oxidative balance to support a cat's immune system.

Price List
-Bag of 18 kgs Sealed -
Doggy's Adult (red) 165,000 L
Doggy's Nursing (blue) 195,000 L
Doggy's High Protein (green) 205,000 L

Catty's Adult 4 kg 55,000 L
Catty's Kitties 4 kg 65,000 L

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